Remanufacturing Process at Eco Products Solutions

Environmentally-friendly without sacrificing quality

Our processes and testing criteria are set based on ISO and ASTM standards. The manufacturing lines have established "check points" during our processes to limit any potential issues. We set the process control for each of our product lines by selecting the stringent manufacturing and inspection steps.

  • Initial core inspection
  • 100% disassembly of the cartridge
  • Thorough cleaning of the disassembled cartridge
  • Thorough cleaning of the components
  • High insertion rate of new PCR, Mag Roller, Doctor and Wiper Blades, 100% OPC Drum, Recovery and Mag Roller Sealing Blades
  • Rejuvenating all the felts and replacing them with the new ones wherever they are required
  • Unique built process design based on original cartridge design (splitting where necessary)
  • Leak-proofing the cartridge
  • Filling OEM class toner
  • Sub assemble the parts



Our Products

  • Reassemble the cartridge
  • Prime the cartridge with enough toner to run stressed tests
  • Produce test pages and make sure it meets all (density, background, and other print performance) criteria
  • Inspect and record the findings
  • Quality department carries out the "First Off" tests and authorizes the line for continuity
  • Tag the cartridge with serial number and bar code label
  • Clean the cartridge
  • Place the cartridge in ESD bag and seal the bag
  • Pack the cartridge using OEM graded inserts
  • Lock the box and tag it with the label
  • Label the cartridge
  • Quality checks the product
  • Quality releases the batch
  • Cartridge is ready to be shipped

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