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VARs, MSPs and Remanufactured Toner: Why Cheaper Isn’t Always Better

Apr 17, 2019 2:01:57 PM Eco Products Solutions remanufactured, cartridges, AR, MSP


Large or small, all businesses work hard to reduce their overhead costs. As a VAR or MSP retailer, this is especially beneficial when it comes to passing the savings along to customers and attracting more business. But, consistently choosing the cheapest products can actually cost you MORE in the long run - especially when it comes to remanufactured toner and cartridges.   

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Machine Manufacturing   

To some degree, automation is necessary for remanufacturers to keep up with market demand and meet the needs of consumers. However, remanufacturers offering lower price points (they can produce more for less) tend to rely on machine-based processes to disassemble and reconstruct their cartridges. 

The problem is, no two cartridges are alike when it comes to their condition before the process begins. Some cartridges require more cleaning or additional components in order to operate effectively. These types of necessary repairs are far more likely to be addressed by a diligent employee than by a pre-set machine.   

Environmental Responsibility   

As we mentioned above, a good remanufacturer is diligent in their approach. This includes reusing as many parts as possible, without sacrificing quality, to pass savings on the client. Unusable materials including metal, plastics, cardboard, paper and waste toner are recycled to reduce Canada’s carbon footprint and dependence upon petroleum products.   

That being said, there are print remanufacturers whose primary operations are based overseas. While many of them claim to be local and offer low prices, they are part of a larger global franchise that may not uphold the same environmental principles.  


A good remanufacturer’s products undergo rigorous testing before they’re made available to the consumer. As this is likely to require additional staffing and materials, the testing process may be reflected in the overall purchase price.   

However, testing ensures longevity. While a different remanufacturer may sell for less, there is no guarantee their products undergo this very important step. This means you could wind up spending one- and-a-half to two times the amount on the cheaper cartridges vs. the slightly higher priced option.   

Drop Ship Service and Custom Pricing   

The costs of a higher quality cartridge aren’t just offset through performance and longevity, they’re also offset through flexible remanufacturer pricing structures. For instance, a remanufacturer should offer specialized print strategies to meet their clients’ product needs at a reasonable price point. On top of this, they should offer shipping flexibility (drop shipment options).   

For VARs and MSPs especially, a good remanufacturer understands the importance of predictable pricing and reduced dependency on inventory. Not only will you look more credible and reliable to customers (always having product on hand), you’ll be able to reduce overhead costs and increase your bottom line.   

Regardless of which print remanufacturer you choose, you’ll save 30-60% when compared to standard OEM cartridges. But don’t sacrifice quality for affordability. While opting for the cheapest products may sound like the solution to reducing overhead, this typically costs print-based VARs and MSPs more in the long run.   

If you’re unsure of what to look for in a good remanufacturer, check out our previous post “The Top 5 Questions to Ask a Print Remanufacturer”.     

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