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3 Great Reasons Re-Manufactured Cartridges Are As Good As New If Not Better!

Mar 8, 2019 3:02:55 PM Eco Products Solutions

We get this question a lot and we understand why. Naturally, it’s normal to think a re-manufactures item, however well-made will not uphold the same quality and reliability as the brand-new version. But we’re here to tell you that’s not the case with re-manufactured ink cartridges. We believe a quality re-manufacturer not only produces a product every bit as reliable as a new OEM version, in some cases, they do it even better. Here’s why:    

Eco Products Solutions - Remanufactured Cartridges3 Great Reasons Re-Manufactured Cartridges Are As Good As New    


1. They’re Heavily Tested, Inspected and Filled    

For starters, a good re-manufacturer will have stringent processes held under the highest market standards. For instance, EcoProducts starts by thoroughly disassembling and cleaning each and every cartridge (only used once) and its components. From here, all faulty parts (or parts we even suspect COULD be faulty) are replaced. It’s actually this process that makes re-manufactured cartridges more affordable - you’re only paying for the replacement of SOME new parts   and that’s why we cost less.  

After the cartridge is re-assembled, re-manufacturers will fill them with the same calibre of toner you could expect from an OEM – except re-manufacturers have been proven to actually fill to capacity whereas OEM’s have been proven to skimp.   

Once the cartridge is inspected, it’s tested then inspected again. Then again. Only when a good re-manufacturer is satisfied with the quality of the product will they ship it to their clients.   

2. They’re Backed By Good Service    

As business owners ourselves, we understand the last thing you need to worry about is when your next supply shipment is going to arrive. This results in more than wasting time, constantly having to follow up with your supplier, it also affects your customers, your inventory and your peace of mind.    

Re-manufacturers pride themselves on their reliable customer service. They often offer drop-shipment options for their clients and back their products with a 100% guarantee. Once again, this isn’t because they’re selling an inferior product, it’s because they believe in the quality of re-manufactured print consumables and are willing to stand behind them.    

3. They Perform Just As Well    

With such a thorough manufacturing process, you can expect re-manufactured cartridges to perform at the same level (if not longer) than OEMs. Unlike an OEM who mass manufactures millions of cartridges every year, each and every re-manufactured cartridge is individually inspected for quality. As we mentioned, they are also filled with the same quality ink to the same yield (sometimes more) as an OEM cartridge.    

Lastly, they work just as well in your machine as an OEM cartridge. They won’t void your warranty, and most re-manufacturers will offer a support line to help you troubleshoot or set up your machines.    

When it comes to print consumables, why pay more for the exact same product? Instead, opt for re-manufactured and re-invest your savings back into your business – not in an OEM. EcoProducts is local, quality controlled and happy to answer any questions you have regarding our re-manufactured products, pricing strategies, drop shipment service and more. Start saving today! 

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